Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Recipe - Indian Chicken

My new recipe for January is Indian Chicken out of the 30 minute South Beach Diet cookbook! This was actually fairly simple to make, and as advertised, quick. We made it without the onions and peppers, because Kevin won't eat either, which ended up making it really plain. I think if I were to cook it again, I'd make half for Kevin and half for me with onions in it. Give it some kind of kick. Anyway, this was basically a stir-fry dish with curry. I ate it twice, since we had leftovers. The only real problem is I got sick both times I ate it. I don't know what the problem could be; I know I'm not allergic to any individual ingredient. But I'm told getting sick when you first start the South Beach Diet is normal, so I'll chalk it up to the carb-flu and maybe once I get used to this low carb eating thing, we'll try it again.

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