Thursday, November 17, 2011


So part of today's aquarium experience was swimming with whale sharks and other fishies in the Ocean Voyager exhibit. I got there about an hour and a half early, so I wandered around looking at fish, and spent about a half an hour staring at the sea otters (my favorites!) Then I went for a swim test - which I failed, but I still got to do the swim with the gentle giants thing... so I was pretty nervous when I first put the regulator in my mouth, but by the time I got halfway around, I was used to it. Yes, I've used one before, but I'd forgotten what it feels like. And it is weird. So I put my face in the water, and there was this jack like right there in front of my face, and I jumped. But then I kinda calmed down and started looking around and it was seriously the most relaxing thing ever. we swam a figure 8 over the exhibit, and I actually bumped into a whale shark! And two of the manta rays came really close, too. 

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