Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beet Soup

I tried a beet soup that a friend from Australia sent me, via a mutual friend from Russia. Supposedly it's a traditional meal there. The recipe is as follows:

So as I told you it's cold soup type and we call it Svekol'nik (Svekla = beet in russian)
You need wash, peel beet and cut it into cubes (size near 1x1 cm)
Add cold water (2 l for 0.5 kg beet) add slightly vin?gar and salt and boil, after boiling decrease fair and cook it within 40-60 min in little fair (it must be almost boil, but not boil) After it chill soup and put in the fridge
you also need cook potaoes and eggs (If you do not eat eggs just don't add it)
So soup is practically ready!
When you wish refresh by cold soup you need just take beet broth from the fridge, fill a tureen and add potatoes (cut in the cubes), eggs, cocumbers and spring onion. I like also add some mustard. Enjoy!

[later, in Skype chat, Marina clarified in answer to some questions:]

grate eggs and cucumbers into cubes, onion - small pieces

Keep the broth separate from the potatoes, eggs, cucumbers and spring onion until ready to eat, otherwise the solid ingredients swell.

My basic thoughts were... it was... not very good. I mean, I don't know exactly what went wrong, but it wasn't very good. It's possible I just don't like beets - I've never had them before (to be honest, I thought they were turnips!) it's also possible I don't like cold soups. Whatever the issue, I don't think I'll be repeating this one.

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