Saturday, March 17, 2012

Plans for how to finish this!

What I can do in March and April to finish this list!

Start Date: Tuesday, January 1, 2011
• End Date: Thursday, September 29, 2013
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1. Read 50 random articles on wikipedia

If I do this weekly I can do this in a year and be done.

2. Sew something without help

This one is suffering from a lack of money. It honestly should probably be removed, but I really really wanna do it.

3. Warp loom without help

Same with this one.

5. Learn pysanky

This one is suffering from a lack of attention to it. And lack of a teacher.

6. Learn Hebrew printed alphabet

I'll probably take Hebrew at school and do this then... I'm working on it though, slowly.

9. Have garb appropriate to Ukraine 13th century

Money issues... no money to buy fabric. :(

11. See a Shakespearean play at the Shakespeare tavern

Lauren is supposed to be looking up info on Much Ado About Nothing. So, yeah.

14. Pass my student teaching

Fall semester

15. Take a camera everywhere for 2 weeks

I'm 2 days into this goal actually. So I should be able to cross it off in April.

16. Go through my closet, and get rid of stuff that doesn't fit

When I'm packing to move I suppose I'll do this at the same time.

19. Authorize for heavy fighting

Heavy fighting is hurting my shoulder, like, a lot. So I haven't been doing it. I should probably change this goal, really.

21. Learn to set up my own sewing machine

Lacking a teacher

22. Read a children's book in Hebrew

After the class I imagine...

25. Attend a baseball game

Kevin is working on this one for me...

28. Attend a hockey game

I think Kevin is working on this one, too.

29. Go rafting

There's a school trip, but it's not cheap, so I'm possibly reconsidering this one, or possibly waiting to see what finances look like in the summer.

30. Learn the Hebrew handwritten alphabet

Again, I'll do this in the class

31. Watch 26 movies one for each letter

I only need a couple more movies. I'm kinda waiting until Kevin goes back on night shift in April to watch them though.

35. Complete a coloring book

I have one of the Hebrew alphabet I'm working on... though I haven't for the last few weeks. i need to get back to it. And find it again..

44. Bake Cupcakes

Right now I'm kinda out of money to do this.

48. Take a photo a day for a year

Even carrying my camera around all the time I'm not doing this. Maybe I'm not as into photography as I thought.

51. NaBloPoMo

April I'll try it!

53. Take Derech Torah class

In process. Will be until Summer.

54. Spend a day at the beach

Tabby and I are talking about doing this as it gets warmer. Probably end of summer though given my work schedule.

57. Help build a Habitat for Humanity House

My Temple suppposedly does this every year, so I'm waiting for them, since Habitat hasn't gotten back to me about working for them by myself.

59. Make a hippocras.

Feels like kinda a winter thing. I'll probably do it for Christmas.

63. Visit an amusement park

It is the time of year for that. I should go. I wonder if anyone is interested in going with me...

68. Get rid of 100 things

I'll finish this by getting rid of clothes that don't fit, when we move.

69. Keep a food diary for a month


81. Open a cookbook to a random page and make it - providing no one is allergic to it

Have to get the kitchen cleaned first.

82. Make a pie

Have to get the kitchen cleaned first. And probably buy a pie tin, and other expensive things.

83. Renew my passport

$$$... :(

84. Buy a house

Working on it. That's why all the money troubles in the first place.

87. Donate blood

Have an appointment.

90. Scan in old pictures to make digital copies

Old pictures are now at mom's house. Needs to wait until I move now.

92. Make one good thing a day my facebook status for a month


93. Find 10 beers I like and figure out similarities between them so I can guess at new beers

What I'm finding is that I don't really like beers at all. I'm doing much better with wines though.

95. Find 10 wines I like and figure out similarities between them so I can guess at new wines

Be more adventurous!

96. Make a new 101 list at the end of this list

Not yet :p

98. Be able to count to 10 in 10 languages

If I learn one a month I'll be done right around the end of this list I think.

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