Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupy Savannah

Today was the first day of Occupy Savannah. Kiki and I went down to join the protests. It was good. I made a sign that said "Pro Life After Birth"  and joined a circle of people talking about their lives and how they've been affected by republicunt stupidity. Then we went to the streets, and yelled. A lot of cars honked at us, especially trucks, and trolleys. There was a lot of standing, and a lot of yelling. Kiki and I shared some pizza for lunch, then back for more of the same. People kept bringing us things at the protest like sammiches, and coffee, and jolly ranchers. It rained on and off all day. I ran into Dr. Skidmore-Hess while there, which was nice. :) We got two "full moons" from passerby. I'd guess 1 in 10 drivers honked at us or waved or cheered us. I couldn't help but thinking that if one in ten of those came and joined us, we'd be a huge movement. We finally left around 6:20 or so.

Quote of the day?

Pirates ARRRR the 99%!

Picture of the day:


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