Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 23, DITL

A DITL done on my cell phone since my camera seems to have disappeared. A day in which my doctor orders me to stay in bed, and I promptly go to class anyway (in the aquarium! Check it out!) but mostly stay in bed...
photo (1)
Wakey Wakey, time to check in with everybody...
photo (2)
Make sure OccupyAtlanta is still going strong after the concern last night. Not that I can go join them with doctor's orders being bed rest, but I can still hope...
photo (3)
As long as everything's going as it should, I should do some homework that I should have done over the last few days anyway....
photo (4)
Maybe I'll eat.
photo (5)
And then I'll write a paper...
photo (1(3))
So this week's training class has nothing to do with sharks, but there's still a shark jaw.
photo (2(4))
There are real lobsters involved somewhere - but I fail to get a decent pic of them.
photo (3(5))
Somebody's egg case but I forget whose.
photo (4(6))
I want a volunteer week 2011!
photo (5(7))
No traffic so I'm super early - take the time to run some flashcards.
photo (6)
And then class starts
photo (7)
The most photographed animal in the aquarium for some reason...
photo (8)
40% real coral. Can you tell the difference? (me either)
photo (9)
I found Dory!
photo (10)
Learn to use the computers to find out what kind of fish things are.
photo (11)
This is my new favorite fish. I forget exactly what it's called but it starts with an A (ETA - it's an anthium as the photo above shows)
photo (12)
how cool to stand below a wave.
photo (13)
I'd never noticed these little guys before in favor of looking at the reef around them.
photo (14)
behind the scenes
photo (15)
The exhibit is bigger than it looks
photo (16)
back home and back to "bed rest" I watch Big Bang Theory
photo (17)
Take a quick shower
photo (18)
Confuse the dog
photo (19)
And sign myself up for the volunteer job I just trained for :)

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