Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Halfway Point

Today is day 500 of 1001 - the halfway report. I'm 71% finished! Here is an organized list by what's done and how recently it was done. This week's report:

Volunteer with children with disabilities


I think it's time for some changes of things that don't mean much to me anymore. Leaving the list is: 
Learn Pysanky
Read a children's book in Hebrew
Open a cookbook to a random page and make it 
Find 10 beers I like
Count to 10 in 10 languages
Renew my passport

Added to my list: 
Make an herb garden
Write on 10 prompts from creativewritingprompts.com
Spend a day exploring and photographing my neighborhood (after I move)
Do a photo scavenger hunt http://www.diva-girl-parties-and-stuff.com/photo-scavenger-hunt-list.html
Clean up my flickr
Take a self portrait every week for a year starting 10-1-12

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