Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Steps to take immediately:

In order to make progress on my list these are all the remaining tasks and steps I'm going to take immediately:

Sew something without help
-This is more a matter of money than anything else. I'm putting it off until I get my fall disbursement check for school, but I'm pretty sure I could do something simple now, like a viking apron. I can't make everything I want, but I think I can do halfway decent at something simple. So... Finaces!

Warp the loom without help
-The loom is now packed in a box in the garage, so, it'll have to wait until after I move. And after I get that summer disbursement check so I can buy some nice yarn. But, I have instructions on how to do it again, and I think I can handle it.

Learn the Hebrew Printed Alphabet
-I'm taking Hebrew at school in the fall, so if I don't do it by then, I'll certainly do it then.

Have garb appropriate to 13th Century Ukraine
-Honestly, I need a teacher, and I don't know anyone here willing to teach. I really want to do this one, so I'm leaving it on the list, but I doubt I'll be able to while I live in Meridies.

Pass my student teaching
-Fall semester!

Authorize for Heavy Fighting
-I need to start making more regular practices, and fix my shield.

Learn to set up my own sewing machine
-I really need to try to do this at some point, and see if I can figure it out. But the sewing supplies are packed, so it will have to wait until I move.

Go Rafting
-Sign up for trip on first day of school.

Learn the Hebrew handwritten alphabet
-Again, this is a job for the fall

Bake cupcakes
-I think I'm going to do this as a welcome home gift to us when we move.

Take Derech Torah class
-In progress

Make a pie
-I'll probably do this on 3/14 next year, just to be clever.

Find 10 wines I like
-I think I have 3 that I like, but I haven't written them up. So I should write them up, and then ask the guy at the wine store for more suggestions.

Make a new 101 list
-At the end of this list

Scan all photo albums
-Again, they're all packed, so I'll restart this as soon as I move.

Learn 50 new things by clicking random wiki articles
-One a week gets this done in a year. I need to be better about doing this though.

-June? Depending on the theme... I tried to do April but it was all about poetry. lol.

Hockey Game
-Not exactly the right season for it. I'll talk to my husband about it in a few months.

Baseball Game
-Kevin and I have plans to go to a Dodgers game but we still need to buy the tickets. So I'll talk to him about doing this.

Buy a house
-In Progress

Spend a day at the beach
-I've got a hotel for a whole week at the beach! I paid for it off my credit card reward points that I haven't spent since 2005 lol!

Work on a Habitat House
-Waiting for the temple to say something about this.

Make a hippocras

Complete a coloring book
-I need to find either one of my coloring books. They're probably packed, so I'll get back on this when we move.

Make an herb garden
-Silly to do it here... have to wait until the move.

Write on 10 creative writing prompts
-1 a month gets this done in about a year.

Spend a day writing and photographing my neighborhood
-Obviously, this is after I move.

Complete a photo scavenger hunt
-This actually sounds like a good thing to spend some time doing maybe tomorrow.

Double store important photographs someplace besides flickr
-Tonight I'll ask my friends where they recommend and maybe explore a little. Then over the next few weeks I'll go through my flickr and download the ones I want to keep.

Take a self portrait every month for a year - starting on my 31st birthday will let me finish this one right as t he list ends in September 2013.