Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Goals for April

Goals for April:
Warp loom without help in time for collegium
Continue taking one photo a week
Complete 10 puzzles from puzzle book
Watch 5 episodes of Bones
Watch 3 episodes of Firefly
Complete 20 Sudoku puzzles
Complete 10 crossword puzzles
Take 10 snapshots from 100 Snapshots
Complete DITL
Post a self portrait
Finish American Gods
Finish HP 6
Finish season 1 of Glee
Watch 2 movies with different letters
Walk the dogs 5 times
Have my hair cut
Continue with 100 pushups program
Weigh myself weekly
Work on my Russian
Visit a brewery
Visit a winery
Go to Wild Animal Park
Scan another photo album
2 more sections of 5000 question meme

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