Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekly Update

Completed this week:
Write in LJ every day for a month
Take meds every day for a month
Learn inkle weaving

In progress this week
DITL Every month
Warp loom without help - I only needed a very very little bit of help this time.
Take one photo a week for a year
Post a self portrait every month for a year
Watch Glee in order
Watch 26 movies one for each letter (added Temple Grandin)
Shave my legs weekly for 3 months
Do 100 pushups
Weigh myself weekly for a year
Get 1 A’s Winter quarter (1 more week of the quarter)
Work at a summer camp (lots of paperwork)
Read a children’s book in Russian
Tour a brewery
Visit Atlanta
Clean my car and keep it clean for a month

Gosh that was a productive week

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