Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Update

Completed this week:
Score at 40 yards

In progress this week:
Take one photo a week for a year
Complete a Sudoku book
Complete a crossword book
Watch Glee in order
Shave my legs weekly for 3 months
Do 100 pushups (20)
Weigh myself weekly for a year (that number is going up, not down...)
Get 1 A’s Winter quarter (last week!)
Work at a summer camp (lots of paperwork etc)
Visit Las Vegas (next weekend)
Visit Atlanta (the weekend after that)
Tour a brewery (April 1)
Swim with a dolphin (March 24)
Go to Wild Animal Park (April 3)
Move (April 25)
Clean my car and keep it clean for a month (March 16)

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