Thursday, September 29, 2011


No warnings that I can think of. 100_0799 It's midnight. Time to start a DITL for me. This one will go 12 - 12 instead of wake to sleep. Just for the hell of it. 100_0800 It's an exciting day coming up. 9am I have to be downtown, an hour and a half away. I should really be sleeping. Bonus points for noticing that I managed to forget Rosh Hashanah and schedule myself for Thursday before clearing my day like an idiot. 100_0801 Homework that must be (but doesn't get) accomplished today... 100_0802 100_0803 Editing a friend's thesis.... ouch! 100_0805 Study a bit myself.... 100_0806 Work on something for my 101 list 100_0807 Egypt is much prettier pink. 100_0808 Even the dog thinks I shuld be asleep now 100_0809 100_0810 My husband goes to take a shower, and his dog comes in and replaces my dog in the best spot in the room 100_0811 Google "Rosh Hashanah" Find torah on ipad. Nifty. And free! Laugh when rabbi comments on it during Rosh Hashanah services the next day. 100_0812 It's a fill in book that I'm enjoying. Also for 101 list. 100_0813 Bed time. 100_0815 Good morning! 100_0817 That's how I feel about being up at 7am today! 100_0818 So much fog I can barely drive. Still not convinced driving was safe. 100_0819 Feel like I do this every DITL. 100_0820 100_0821 I didn't go grocery shopping, so now this is breakfast. 100_0822 100_0823 Training class at the aquarium 100_0826 Turtle Turtle Turtle! 100_0827 100_0828 100_0829 100_0830 Lunch of champions! 100_0831 Leaving Atlanta 100_0832 Sister's dog gotta go out 100_0833 Relax after long day 100_0834 100_0837 Dinner of champions! 100_0838 Start homework. Though I actually fell asleep on the couch instead of finishing this. 100_0839 It's not as dark as it looks. L'Shanah Tovah! 100_0841 Dog likes to take baths with me. lol. What a cutie! It's midnight again. I've slept 3 hours today.... Good night, DITL!

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