Monday, September 19, 2011


For the last two weeks, I've been a volunteer at the Georgia Aquarium. I've done a shift at the information desk and a shift as a greeter. Both of these positions basically involve answering the questions, "where is the bathroom?" and "where is the exit?" as well as a few other things. The greeter position also hands out maps, and speaks to everyone on their way in. So far I'm loving it. I'm getting ready to take a few classes so that I can do gallery interpretation as well. One of my ultimate goals with it is to be allowed to take animals into the line and talk about the smaller animals the aquarium has before guests get into the aquarium. This requires taking all of the gallery classes that are available as well as a couple others. So I'm starting on that next week and I think I have all of them done by October 22nd. I'm really excited! I'm also working a couple of birthday parties in the upcoming weeks.

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