Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bragging on me!

This is in response to the item which says I will write a list of 100 things I have accomplished in this life time. This was a really difficult list to write.

1. I got my MA
2. I TAed successfully
3. I got my BA
4. I learned all the kids’ names in my Spanish class
5. I survived being sick in a foreign country
6. I learned the Russian alphabet
7. I got better than a 3.5 GPA in grad school.
8. I found some really awesome friends.
9. I graduated from high school.
10. I passed two AP exams
11. I got into Lovett
12. I got a travel grant at CC
13. I won a book award for creative writing
14. I got into CC
15. I got into GSU
16. I got into UCR
17. I travelled around the globe
18. I reset my internal clock
19. I lost 40lbs
20. I learned how to read before kindergarten.
21. I got published in the school creative writing book
22. I won a contest with a photograph I took.
23. I got into FOCUS
24. I scored two goals in baseball.
25. I did jumping jacks on top of Pikes Peak without having an asthma attack.
26. I wrote a 45 page paper
27. I presented at several conferences.
28. I married someone I think is awesome.
29. I learned to develop pictures.
30. I passed pre-calculus.
31. I started working out regularly
32. I went to Stevens for the summer
33. I learned to speak Spanish
34. I learned to drive.
35. I drove around the entire country
36. I paid off all my credit cards after college
37. I went a month without eating an appetizer
38. I beat my parents at scrabble
39. I was president of Tygres Keep
40. I am list minister for Gallavalley
41. I organized my first list
42. I wrote the list of 101 things for 1001 days and kept track of it
43. I authorized for heavy fighting
44. I authorized for archery
45. I authorized for thrown weapons
46. I was lifeguard certified
47. I rescued a kid swimming
48. I was CPR certified
49. I passed my oral comps at GSU
50. I passed colonial Latin America
51. I made deans list through high school
52. I was in PAT
53. I was in Golden Key
54. I learned all 50 states and their locations
55. I learned all 212 countries and their approximate locations
56. I learned all the presidents in order
57. I bought a car
58. I got my armor kit together
59. I got my archery equipment together.
60. I’m a lady in waiting
61. I went to Russia without knowing anyone
62. I went to Guatemala alone
63. I went to Argentina alone
64. I went to the archives
65. I rode a horse even though I was terrified of it.
66. I navigated the airport in Spanish
67. I got into Row Row Row
68. I learned to SCUBA and certified
69. I was on varsity swim team and never gave up.
70. I drove from Kansas to Colorado by myself.
71. I tutored the AVID kids.
72. I beat my dad at chess
73. I got into the SAS photography class
74. I got into SAS
75. I was on the website team for SAS
76. I was published
77. I finished that book review that should get published.
78. I moved to Statesboro without knowing anyone
79. I moved to Colorado without knowing anyone.
80. I had my body fat down to normal in the army scale
81. I went on SAS without knowing anyone.
82. I organized funding for Estrella
83. I kept TK alive for another year
84. I did so without drama.
85. I shot a gun
86. I moved to California
87. I wrote 100 things I’m thankful for twice
88. I tutored the after school kids
89. I brought the after school kids to the bowling alley
90. I did art projects with the babies
91. I won the toothpick bridge contest.
92. I ran a mile without stopping
93. I did 20 pushups in a row
94. I fixed the problem with my ipad
95. I’ve visited 45 states
96. I’ve visited 20 countries.
97. I finished my language requirement
98. I got over my fear of earthquakes
99. I sang in the choir
100. I wrote this list.

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