Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Set up a house cleaning Schedule

I actually did one on accident! I forgot this was on my list, but Kevin and I desperately needed a house cleaning schedule if we're to move in 2 months. So I set it up. Then when I was going through looking at my list I was like "hey! I did that!" So yay me! lol. Anyway, the schedule is basically half an hour every day at 3pm (unless 3pm is undoable that day because of the SCA mostly in which case it's rescheduled for another time). In addition to this there are 2 hour "pushes" every Friday to make sure everything gets cleaned and out of here on time! 30 minutes is a perfect amount of time, because it just starts to feel like "guh" to me, without feeling excessive, whereas Kevin starts to "pick up steam" at 15 minutes so 20 minutes was too short for him. Today we cleaned our back yard, as much as is possible with the limitations of the size of the recycling container. We'll have to go back to that some time next week and finish it off. We also started in on the kitchen a bit.

Hopefully we'll get in the habit of doing this, and will continue in the new house as well, so we don't end up with the kind of mess that we have now.

According to dayzeroproject.com this officially makes me 10% done with my list. That's some good progress! Of course, it's the bigger things that are left.

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