Friday, February 25, 2011

Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin is the story of an autistic teenager who grows up to design half of the United States' cattle slaughterhouses to be more humane and not scare the cows. They manage to pull off this character who is clearly autistic, but not overly annoying nor completely impossible to connect with. Which is pretty amazing. Anyway, when I realized the movie was about cows I was a little worried, but it actually kept my interest more than most movies do. The way this girl's mind works is amazing - she can remember everything she has ever seen. And she pictures everything. See, my mind doesn't work in pictures at all. If I see even the most amazing art piece, I won't remember it 5 minutes later unless I'm looking at it again. I guess it's sort of the opposite of her problem - and it is a problem in my case, too - everything is words. I even dream in words rather than images. Anyway, I've strayed from the movie to my personal thoughts, so I'll close here with Four Stars.

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