Monday, February 21, 2011

Goals for March

Get 10 levels in WOW
Learn inkle weaving
Read Harry Potter Book 5
Take one photo a week
Puzzle book
Learn to embroider
Finish Bones first season
20 sudoku puzzles
6 crossword puzzles
10 snapshots from 100 snapshots
Post a self portrait
Learn to set up my own sewing machine
Finish American Gods
Finish first season of Glee
Watch 2 movies with different alphabet letters
Walk the dogs 5 times
Play DDR weekly
Eat 3 veggies/fruits a day for a week
Go grocery shopping weekly
Shave my legs weekly
100 pushups program
200 sit ups program
Weigh myself weekly
Eat something I’ve never eaten
Get an A
Visit Las Vegas
Swim with a dolphin
5,000 question survey
Keep car clean
Scan another album in
Send thank you card to Dalke

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